2024 - SPORTIA LAW partners embark on new academic adventure: the founding of the O REI SPORTS LAW INSTITUTE

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O REI Sports Law Institute is a brand new, one of a kind, groundbreaking and disruptive educational organization set up by Sportia Law Partners Alberto Ruiz de Aguiar Díaz-Obregón and Rodrigo Arias Grillo alongside Juan de Dios Crespo Pérez (Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo Sports Lawyers).

The institute's flagship program is the Master's in International Sports Law: The Ultimate Sports Law Experience, which launches in September 2024 in Madrid - the sports capital of the world.

O REI proudly pursues its mission to form competent leaders and adept decision makers so that they may become the future pioneers of the sports industry. The institute is founded on the principles of governance, leadership and ethics - something that in recent years has been wanting in the world of sports.

The idea is simple - students join the programme and experience the life of a sports lawyer from day one. Particular focus is paid to developing the network and practical capabilities of the students throughout their year of study by following a carefully and expertly constructed academic programme. By the time they graduate, they will be more than ready to dive into the professional world with a complete knowledge of the legal niche, an expansive network and a diverse skill set.

Sportia Law has always been at the forefront of education in Sports Law. Since we believe that teaching is learning and we are driven by a passion for law and sports, our firm is proud to play a founding role in the establishment of this exciting new project that will disrupt traditional legal education in the field of sport.

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O REI SPORTS LAW Website: https://orei.institute/

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